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About this blog

I have rough ideas about what I’d want to write about, but I don’t really know with what frequency I will touch each topic. I’m mostly interested in free software, (computer) languages and Computer Science in general, art, literature and politics; but I make no promise of staying on-topic. I will also not be necessarily “balanced”, soft or cautious when expressing my opinions. This is my site (by the way I pay hosting costs myself, with my money) and as such it is the appropriate place for holding my opinions. If you want to engage in discussion with me, there’s e-mail. If you want a public discussion there are public mailing lists and, even better, Usenet.

Yep, Usenet. It still exists, works fine, is a unified system that you can access with a coherent interface, and messages won’t be all lost in five years just because another piece of (terrible) software breaks or one server goes down. I have more than a thing against the web, and many more objections than those; there will be occasions to speak at length about this.

That said, even at a symbolic level, the web is actually an appropriate medium for my rants. It’s a vertical communication mean: something for me to write and for others to read.

Who I am

I am Luca Saiu, a computer scientist, GNU maintainer and free software activist, Atheist, scientific rationalist. Apart from this I reject most categorizations of myself – with a particular strength when other people try to choose them for me.

Originally from another country, now I live in France where I teach and do research in a university not far from Paris. I do programming languages and compilers.

My French is still considerably weaker than my English, but I think I will occasionally post something in French.

An important remark

When speaking about personal issues, be they mine or private to somebody else, I may tell the truth but I also reserve the right to change names, places and details with no prior warning, and even to just pull events out of thin air, speaking about invented situations as if they actually occurred.

When I’m telling you that something happened, there is usually “a point”: that’s the only interesting part. I don’t care about whether something is real, metaphorical or hypothetical. You shouldn’t care either: do your variable instantiations yourself if you really need to: for me only the general formula is of value.

If all of this is fine with you, be welcome.

— Luca Saiu, 2011-09-08 08:44 (last update: 2011-09-20 04:24)

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The opinions I express here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or policies of my employer or for that matter of anyone else. In case you felt that the public statement of my thoughts threatened your warm sense of security and your emotional stability feel free to leave at any time.
The system does not support user comments and probably never will. Anyway you can contact me if you want to discuss some topic with me. I might update my posts if you provide interesting insights.

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