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GNU Hackers Meeting 2013 in Paris, France

Thanks to a kind offer by Sylvestre Ledru ( from IRILL ( we have a venue for this year’s GNU Hackers Meeting: we will be in Paris, France, for the second time at IRILL after the very successful 2011 edition. Since I live near Paris and I also happen to work at IRILL once or twice a week I’ve decided to do something to help organize the event, along with Sylvestre and Dodji Seketeli ( who graciously volunteered as well.

The meeting will take place in late August 2013: right now we’re deciding whether to have talks on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 only, or to extend the “official” program of talks to also include Thursday 22 and/or Sunday 25.

If you want to give a talk, please write us to the public mailing list ; you can subscribe using the web interface at If for some reason you don’t want to write to the public list, you can also e-mail me personally — see

This year we’ve begun organizing the event a little late, after a false start in a different location, so please bear with us: we’d like to have a good idea of the number of talks to schedule as soon as possible, to make an official announcement. The meeting web page is already at

We are interested in new GNU programs and new developments in existing packages plus any technical, social or organizational issue related to GNU and/or free software. In our experience the audience tends to be technically competent, so you can propose very technical topics as well, if you want — We will try to pack all such talks together in the same morning or afternoon session, for the public’s sake.

Informal and friendly, GNU Hackers Meetings are tremendous fun for free software hackers and technically-minded people. If it’s the first time for you, we’re particularly interested in your talk idea. And if we’ve already met, we’ll be happy to have you again.

Let us know: .

— Luca Saiu, 2013-05-17 20:39 (last update: 2013-10-10 21:36)

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