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2022-02-17 01:00 Luca Saiu

There is no freedom day if freedom is conceded from above

On February 17th 2022 Switzerland celebrated its supposed “freedom day”. This is not nearly enough and I cannot be happy.

The fact that Switzerland has not behaved as shamefully as the worst countries does not count as an excuse and the climate of fear mongering, systematic persecution and discrimination is in fact not excusable: every political party supporting the police-state measures in the name of which we had to relinquish the most elementary rights shall forever remain my enemy. Any new political entity joined by persons with any responsibility in these crimes is tainted.
Only among the organisations and people who explicitly, vocally, publicly called for freedom I might choose one deserving support.

Now that the authorities are gracefully granting us back what were our rights before, for how long shall this situation last? Six months? One year? Up to the next supposed emergency? Any right that can be suspended at will was never a right in the first place.

If we believed in rights we were deceived. I was deceived too, moving to this country and naïvely imagining it substantially better than the ones I knew. At least this time my honeymoon naïveté was short enough not to give me time to make a spectacle of myself, praising a system I did not understand.
Fascism turned out to be just a matter of degrees.

And the press by collaborating with this crime almost without exception has made itself almost as guilty.

— Luca Saiu, 2022-02-17 01:00

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