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2022-09-12 18:05 Luca Saiu

GNU Hackers’ Meeting 2022: Call for presentations, even remote

The GNU Hackers’ Meetings or or “GHMs” are a friendly and informal venue to discuss technical topics related to GNU and free software; anybody is welcome to register and attend.

The GNU Hackers’ Meeting 2022 will take place on October 1st and October 2st in İzmir, Turkey; see the event home page at

We decided to help students who wish to attend by contributing 50€ out of their 60€ attendance fee (required by the hotel for use of the conference room, coffee and snacks) so that students will need to only pay 10€, upon presenting proof of enrolment to us.

We are very happy to be receiving a good number of attendee registration from people local to the area that we do not know yet, including students. However we could use more presentations: presentations can even can be arranged for remote speakers over Jitsi or Jami, even if it is always more fun to meet together in person.

Any technical talk related to GNU or (even non-GNU) free software is considered on-topic. We are also interested in hearing about free software projects by students who might want to present their work in public to a competent audience, even for the first time. Many video recordings and slides from previous GHM editions are good examples from which to take inspiration.

If you have some interesting free softare project to show please send your talk proposals to the public mailing list ghm-discuss or in private to us at .

GHM 2022 banner
The banner we prepared for people to promote the event by linking to the GHM 2022 page.

— Luca Saiu, 2022-09-12 18:05

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